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What color eyeshadow would go good on a tanned skin girl and what lipstick.?

Any help would be greatly appreciative.What color eyeshadow would go good on a tanned skin girl and what lipstick.?
well if ur tanned i reccomend a light green eyeshadow and a quite dark pink lipstick hope this helps bye

XxxWhat color eyeshadow would go good on a tanned skin girl and what lipstick.?
I have tanned skin and i usually look best with dark eyeshdow and a pale pink lipstick. But it also depend on the hair and eye colour, it's best to experiment with various colours.

Perhaps a color somewhere in between scarlett and magenta, kind of like a purple with a touch of red in it.


Probably a dark pink, but do not go with purple.
Try and base your eyeshadow on your eye color [Blue eyes = brown shadows] It compliments your eyes. Browns, Golds, or Deep Reds go well with tanned skin.

I don't know much about lipstick, but you'd probably want a peachy color!
With a darker skin complexion, pale colours bring out your features more. Go for a subttle pale pink lipstick and light blue eyeshadow.

any color go good the secreat is how to apply the makeup

( application)

glossy lipstick any color loooks very nice on you ,

well if I knew your eye color that would help. But a coral and soft peach lipstick. Or light pink. Pearilized pink lipstick.

What color eyliner/eyeshadow looks good w/ blue eyes?

Ok so I have blueish gray eyes, and I want to know what color eyeliner and eyeshadow will make them look good, I only use brown mascara cuz my skin is like purple underneith my eyes, and it makes me look awful

THANK YOU!What color eyliner/eyeshadow looks good w/ blue eyes?
I have blue eyes too - to make them look bluer I use dark brown eyeliner on top, and white eyeliner on the inside of the bottom lid and brownish-black mascara only on top. Then a shimmery brown eyeshadow up to the crease with a neutral color above that. Hope that helpsWhat color eyliner/eyeshadow looks good w/ blue eyes?
You should definetly try a light purple liquid liner . And don't make the line too thin ; use more on the bottom than on the top . ( Put a thinner layer on the top )

A nice shiny silver eyeshadow would be nice , but don't put too much .

Keep your shadows light bright colors .

Finally , I recommend BLACK mascara , not brown . With the light purple liner , the silver shadow and your blue eyes , black mascara is the way to go .

Finally , I just have to include that you shouldn't put too much on the lips . If anything , a clear shiny gloss , but nothing more . All the emphasis should be on your gorgeous blue eyes = )
This post shows you how to find the best colors for your eye color鈥?/a>

Since your eyes are blue, you should stick to orange/brown shades. Shades like gold and chocolate to make your eyes pop. Hope this helps!
You should try a dark egg plant color or lavender. That would really make your eyes stand out.
try almays brand made for blue eyes i use the play it up set that has 3 nice shades of blue and a coffee color
I have blue eyes and I find that shades of brown always work best to make my eyes pop.

What are some good MAC eyeshadow colors for someone who has dark hair, grey eyes, and fair skin?

Please name specific colors so I can purchase them. Thank you!What are some good MAC eyeshadow colors for someone who has dark hair, grey eyes, and fair skin?
MAC is amazing make up... I love their green liner... It sounds horrid but just look. Its also brilliant for staying on. you can swim shower etc and still there. You need an oil based remover.

If you were to go into a MAC counter they will help you alot. They are very good.What are some good MAC eyeshadow colors for someone who has dark hair, grey eyes, and fair skin?
Green eye shadow, blue eye shadow, purple eye shadow, a light red lip stick, blue,black,green eye liners and only black masc.
hi thank you for the two points
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  • What color lipstick goes good with purple eyeshadow?

    and what other color eyeshadow would blend well with dark purple eyeshadow? 10 to best answer and thanks to all others.What color lipstick goes good with purple eyeshadow?
    a neutral tone: soft pinks and browns.What color lipstick goes good with purple eyeshadow?
    Have you ever tried a lavendar lipstick. I know it sounds gross doesn't it? But I swear to you it is not! Go here and look at Mauve Scandal. Or you I think a nudey pink might be nice.鈥?/a>
    i've always hear the golden rule regaring makeup with eyes and lips was: play ONE up. so if you're eyes are striking, go more subtle with your lips and vice versa.

    i love purple eyeshadow. i'd say blending different ues of purple can't really go wrong, also silver will go with it. and if your going out or feeling daring try messing around with 2 colors, i'd say blue or green to go with purple. good luck%26gt;%26lt;鈥?/a>鈥?/a>
    well if you are bold enough to wear a puple shadow (good for you!) try a plum, mauve or burgundy (in the same color value) that is if you imagine taking your eyes to an extreme depth of that same color, that would make a great shade for your lips....make sense? I have actually had a fave lipstick that was purple....made my skin look great for some reason...if you are not afraid of color combos, try a soft green(yes green and purple are complimentary to each other) now go have fun!
    I'd say go with a neutral color that is close to the color of your lips. Or, instead of lipstick, get a clear or sheer pink gloss.
    i think a colour close to your own colour is good or if you have pale lips then try a tinted gloss, you can get tinted gloss in super drug called sheer shine- raspberry blush.

    i would blend dark purple eyeshadow with a glittery eyeshadow with little colour.

    happy make-uping:)
    Nude Lipcolor, that works best....make sure the purple isn't too bright, or that looks bad.

    Would white eyeshadow look good with a plain black dress?

    What would you rather prefer than white if not?Would white eyeshadow look good with a plain black dress?
    Stark white eyeshadow is definitely a way to make yourself look less classy. If you're wearing a black dress, I might opt for a VERY SUBTLE smoky eye. (Tutorials for this technique can be found all over the web using a variety of different cosmetics). Have fun. :)Would white eyeshadow look good with a plain black dress?
    Not unless you want to look like the living dead!

    Depending on the style of the dress, you could do just about any colour of eyeshadow. If it's a casual dress try natural or nude colours (copper, brown, champagne). If it's an evening dress try a grey or silver smokey eye. But I think white eyeshadow on its own would not be flattering on most people.
    no, it would look a bit eighties! use silver or smoky dark grey. or you could usea really bright colour to contrast for impact, like fuschia.
    you should defsomething watever......ware grey and black eye shadow or non at whit you will look as if you were a hooker
    I'd do a thickish line of brown eyeliner then a really thin line of eyeliner on the top lid. Then a bit of mascara :)
    no white, your would look like a clown, but silver would look nice, or just a random color like light blue or light pink
    no as long as u put like a charcoal on the creases of ur eye. thatll look good

    What kind of eyeshadow brand is good to do a smoky eye?

    I don't wear eye shadow but i want to start, i wear everything else like eye liner and mascara, i just want to know what brand in black and silver eyeshadow is good to use to start doing a smoky look on my eyes?What kind of eyeshadow brand is good to do a smoky eye?
    Mac or Urban Decay.

    I prefer Urban Decay.

    Both have similar pigmentation.What kind of eyeshadow brand is good to do a smoky eye?
    Any shadows will work, you just need 2+ coordinating colors to create that look. The trick is sweeping the color under your eyes for that smoked out look. You do not need to purchase pricey makeup to achieve this look. However, if you are a makeup girl, I'm gonna have to agree that MAC is the way to go, but not necessary if you are experimenting and learning. :)
    I know it's not the easiest to get, but I have Avon eye shadow and I absolutely swear by it! I love it and it's lasted me a long time. It has the perfect texture.
    cover girl or maybeline.....they usually have like a color pack of 4 or 5 or 6 that can go together and look good together.
    Mac and/or mark is a really good brand to use if you're beginning to do the smokey eye...
    Mac. Mac is #1.
    Definetly Mac makeup is the best. they have a WIDE selection of eye makeup. You will definetly find what your looking for
    MAC is the PERFECT eyeshadow to do a smokey look.
    Urban Decay... or MAC
    I use Jean Paul Goltier.
    must be something made of hemp..

    What kind of eyeshadow would look good on me?

    I'm 13 and people say I look kind of mature for my age. I've got dark brunette hair (almost black), just a little bit tan, and green eyes. I was hoping just for a little bit of eyeshadow that would compliment my eyes, what color do you think I should use? Thanks!What kind of eyeshadow would look good on me?
    Hiya, well firstly I would not put on too much foundation, as you look mature for your age it may give the effect of you looking even more older. So I'd go for 'Dream Matte Mousse' which has good coverage which is very light!

    But of course it is all up to you.

    But what I am answering this for, the eyeshadow.

    -Step one;

    Use eyeshadow primer, 'Urban Decay Primer Potion' is amazing and I would say it makes the colour maybe even double the brightness it would be without it; it also will make your eyeshadow stay on all day, no questions asked!:)

    -Step two;

    Use a light colour all over your lid, up to the crease, but not any further, maybe use a light brown or gold.

    -Step three;

    The colours, for your green eyes and tanned skin I would definitely go for blues and golds. The blues contrast your green eyes and will make them look a lot greener, and golds make eyes look bigger and bolder, the best thing to do would be to put golds in the corner of your eye, and to the middle, then join this colour up with the blue, so they are smudging into eachother.

    -Step four;

    Use the gold all along the bottom of your eye, near the eyelashes, sort of underneath.

    -Step five;

    Then use mascara, and your done! The best mascara I know is L'Oreal Beauty Tubes, it is amazing!

    Finally, here are other possible colours you could go for:





    But make sure you experiment, you may find a colour you love, and go for it!:D

    xWhat kind of eyeshadow would look good on me?
    I can give you some eye make up and eye shadow advice. I hope to be helpful.
    Purple is a complimentary color to green. If you were to wear it your eyes would look greener.
    Green eyes would work best with brown or light purple or teal eyeshadow.
    Apa yang kamu lakukan jika kamu menjadi anak sulung yang selalu dituntut perfect di mata keluarga
    OMG you are exactly the same as me and I find matte golds soft browns and neutrals suit me

    hope I helped
    errm, try brown, but do a smoky eyes affect in black slightly over it.
    I think a bluey purple colour...
    A teal or soft blue...

    brown or something like that